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Another Pint of Melancholy


“Once” features another rarity in a Broadway show: amplification that enhances rather than distorts the music. (Clive Goodwin is the sound designer.) When the violins begin to play in “Once” — and the accordion and the mandolin and the guitars and the cello — the instruments swell into a collection of distinctive voices melded into a single, universal feeling. That’s the sense, carried in the corners of all human hearts, that we just missed out on the real thing. “Once” massages that feeling until it hurts quite exquisitely. Read the article...




Once Conquers Broadway


The same is true for the marvelous lighting by Natasha Katz and sound design by Clive Goodwin which work together to enable that intimacy. Read the article...




NY Review: 'Once'


Add Natasha Katz's sensitive lighting and Clive Goodwin's pitch-perfect sound design and the result is an unforgettable valentine of a show that you'll likely want to take in more than once. Read the article...




Once: Theatre Review


Sound designer Clive Goodwin ensures that every element of the complex musical mosaics is crystal clear. The lovely a cappella version of “Gold” alone is worth the price of admission. Read the article...




Once ****1/2


And the quality of the sound is true to the genre of folk music – neither pumped up nor over-miked. There is no wall of sound here to overwhelm you as there is in most Broadway musicals these days. Read the article...




'Once' Hoists a Happy Beer on Broadway: Jeremy Gerard


Like most of the music in this stage adaptation, ‘Falling Slowly’ has never sounded more ethereally resonant. Read the article...




Broadway Review: 'Once'


Clive Goodwin's sound design makes this one of the clearest musicals on Broadway in some time. Read the article...




See 'Once' and you'll want to see it twice


Exquisite lighting by Natasha Katz and subtle sound design by Clive Goodwin enhance the gentle allure of this winning show. See “Once” and likely you’ll want to see it twice. Read the article...




"Tony Nominated Clive Goodwin on 'Once'"


The resident sound designer at the American Repertory Theater since 2009, the Arlington resident and native Briton got his first Tony Award nomination this week — one of 11 nods to the musical “Once.” A stage adaptation of John Carney’s Irish movie of the same name, “Once” was workshopped at the ART last season before opening in New York. Like the movie, the Broadway show has music and lyrics by the film’s stars, Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová. Read the article...



"The Harmonious Sounds of Once"


The man responsible for finding the delicate aural balance for Once is sound designer Clive Goodwin, who is also the resident designer at the American Repertory Theater in Boston, where the show began life. It transferred to the New York Theatre Workshop in downtown Manhattan before landing on Broadway. Goodwin worked closely with musical supervisor Martin Lowe for a realistic sounding show. They succeeded in creating a warm, rich and intimate sonic atmosphere. Read the article...





Theater Scene

A refreshing detour from the over-amplified pop-rock sounds permeating Broadway these days. Read the article...




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